Volta Zero Electric Truck Takes Another Step Closer To Nature

The prototype of Volta Zero Electric Truck and Its Flax-woven panels
Image Credit: Volta Trucks

The transport sector is responsible for 24% of the global CO2 emissions. This has put massive pressure and demand on the transport industry to come up with novel sustainable technologies. With Electric, Biofuel and Hydrogen technologies the transport companies are trying to do their best to the environment sustainability while maximising the efficiency. Among them is the Volta Zero Truck rising above and going a step further in the right direction. Their all-electric trucks will be completed with Flax-panels, an all sustainable composite of natural ingredients!

The innovative vehicle will have its exterior made with Flax fibres mixed with biodegradable resins. And its full life cycle is carbon neutral! This environmental-friendly material was designed in partnership with the European Space Agency (ESA). It will be the first time this all-natural composite made its way to the public roads. According to the manufacturers, it has several advantages than its counterparts. They are, being better at shock absorption, being flexible and would bend and snap under impact than shattering into tiny pieces.

The volta Zero Electric Trucks are a category of cargo/ goods delivering vehicles in cities. Talking about its features, this unique looking ‘drivetrain’ will be 16 tonne in weight. The all-electric truck will be featuring a 160-200 kW h set of batteries which will power a 200km distance at a top speed of 90 km/h. With a 220 angle vision with larger windows, the driving seat will be centred. The rear has a capacity of 37.3 m3 with a 8.6tonnes of weighing capacity.  

According to the CEO at Volta Trucks, “This includes the world’s first use of a natural flax and biodegradable resin composite in body panel construction that is CO2 neutral and fully recyclable. We will continue to strain every sinew to ensure we deliver on our mission of becoming the world’s most sustainable commercial vehicle manufacturer.”

The company is planning to release its first test Volta Zero Electric Trucks in 2021.