Thursday, November 26, 2020
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Gold Used For Effectively Treating Cancer

Scientists from Japan have found a novel and an effective way to kill cancer cells using Gold. The team from Japan’s RIKEN institute tells us that, when gold is used in a catalytic reaction inside the body, it could effectively activate drugs that kill cancer cells.

DNA Tagging Is To Replace Barcodes

Researchers from the University of Washington and Microsoft have come up with a genius alternative to conventional tagging systems with the use of DNA. The new molecular tagging method “Porcupine” is said to be lighter and smaller than the methods in use.

Killing Bacteria With Wasp Venom

Scientists from the University of Pennsylvania may have finally found an answer from nature against antibiotic-resistant bacteria. They have been able to successfully turn highly toxic Wasp venom into powerful antimicrobial molecules. A major breakthrough, which would hopefully develop into highly efficient medicines that are lethal to strong antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

The Universal Law Of Touch

For the first time, scientists have established a “Universal Scaling Law for the Sense of Touch” by studying seismic waves that are bound to earthquakes. And the new find would enable turn new pages in virtual reality.

Groundbreaking Study On Carbon Creation Rewrites Astrophysics

A team of physicists from Australia and Norway has proved that stars create carbon much faster than previously thought, making it question the very basis of astrophysics. They found out that stars create carbon 34% faster than previously thought, a major change to what was known as common knowledge that did not change for nearly 4 decades!

Remote Control For Diabetes

A novel technique to manage diabetes non-invasively using static electric and magnetic fields has been developed by a team of scientists at the University of Iowa. Their new discovery has already successfully managed “2 major hallmarks of type-2 diabetes” in mice.

Earth Takes Minutes To Form Precious Gems – Latest Study

Changing what was previously thought to be taking of thousands of years, scientists from the Rice University in Texas has proved otherwise saying that formation of fine gems may take only minutes!

Clean Power From Graphene Without A Limit

A team of scientists have built a circuit that converts graphenes thermal motion to harness limitless clean energy. The study proves an idea that generated a few years ago, which suggested that graphene being a single layer of carbon atoms may have the ability to generate power.

Mature Skin Can Be Regenerated Like A Newborn’s

Researchers from Washington State University has just identified a genetic factor that enables mature skin to regenerate like a newborn skin. The discovery is said to be a major breakthrough in regenerating ageing skin and healing skin wounds!

Stem Cells Repaired Parkinson’s-Ridden Nerves

A team of scientists have discovered that stem cells can regenerate nerves to support old damaged nerves and repair their motor functions in Parkinson’s disease. Although their study was based on a mouse model with Parkinson’s, it gives a solid direction as to how stem cell treatment could tackle this unfortunate degenerative disease.

Terror Beneath Tibet

Named as ‘the roof of the world’, Tibetan plateau has been an attraction to countless expeditions, adventures of spiritual and scientific alike. Adding to its long list of marvels, researchers recently found that Tibetan Plateau is very much active geologically from underneath, in the first-ever study of its kind.

Testing Blood Sugar Won’t Be Painful Anymore

A team of scientists from the University of Tokyo has developed a biodegradable paper patch that has microneedles to painlessly diagnose abnormal blood glucose levels in conditions such as prediabetes.

Stan The Most Celebrated T-Rex Is For Sale

This is Stan, one of the most complete, largest and broadly studied Tyrannosaurus Rex skeletons. Stan had been a very popular exhibit at the Black Hills Institute in the USA for decades and it is now being listed to auctioned by Christie’s the Art company.

The Wind Powered Cargo Ship

The newly unveiled cargo ship design, ‘Oceanbird’ from Wallenius Marine is going to be wind-powered with reduced emissions by up to 90%. Taking a lesson back from the beginning of voyages, Oceanbird will carry a cargo of up to 7000 cars at a time with the help of wind.

World’s Smallest Ultrasound Detector With Super-Resolution Imaging

A team of scientists have developed the world’s smallest ultrasound detector which is about one-hundredth of a human hair strand. It is built upon a silicon chip that has mini photonics circuits on the top. And this micro gadget can also get super-high-resolution images in the smallest scale which was thought to be impossible before.

Doctors Could Use The Medical Robotic Hand With A Smart Skin To Diagnose & Treat Patients From Distant

Accurately diagnosing and treating patients who are halfway around the world is going to be an easy task with the latest Medical robotic hand that has special skin. A team of researchers has made this possible with a new generation robotic hand that has smart electronic skin.

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