New HIV AIDS Vaccine

New HIV AIDS Vaccine

Researchers at Spanish National Research Council’s Biotechnology National Centre, a team lead by Dr. Mariano Esteban have successfully tested a HIV Vaccine on a human trial & achived a 90% success rate. Test was a part of phase I testing on HIV non-infected volunteers.

With the help of Modified Ankara Vaccinia (MVA) which eradicated smallpox, is the base of this vaccine. This is variation of MVA referred as MVA-B, B represent the most common HIV sub type (HIV-B) in Europe.

New HIV AIDS Vaccine
Dr. Mariano Esteban

To ensure safety of clinical trial, they developed MVA-B based on the introduction of four HIV genes (Gag , Pol , Nef and Env) in the genetic sequence of vaccinia. A healthy immune system reacts to MVA, and the HIV genes inserted into their DNA are not able to infect humans.

There were 30 volunteers In this human trial who are HIV non-infected. Out of 30 volunteers, 6 were received placebo & 24 volunteers was treated with MVA-B. Amazingly 90% of the volunteers treated with MVA-B showed strong immunological response against the HIV & 85% of treated volunteers maintain immunological reaction for nearly 12 months.
According to Dr Esteban, they have to successfully complete phase II and III human trials & test on larger scale before they can make it commercially available.

Since this is the best solution for HIV so far, at least there is hope.

Information Source: CSIC