Tuesday, October 27, 2020
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Defence Drone Can Adapt To Background Colour Like A Chameleon

A team of material scientists in Australia has given defence drones the chameleon effect, letting it change colour matching the background. The drones are made of lightweight panels that are able to change colour on demand, giving a solution for one of the main issues any surveilling drone has, which is the changing background.

Flying Car With Man Aboard

Japan now has a flying car with one man aboard. Japan’s SkyDrive company’s SD-03 SkyDrive is one of the few ‘manned flying cars’ among 100 other attempts around the world. With the model’s slick built, the researchers say that this would facilitate door-to-door transportation with faster travel time.

Sleek Two-Headed Drone For Long Range Heavier Cargo

Avidrone 210TL is the latest unmanned cargo drone built by the Canadian Avidrone Aerospace company. This sleek built includes just two rotor blades on either side making it more simpler than its commercially available counterparts which usually have six to eight propellers. Its appearance is more familiar to ones eye reminding of two helicopters that fused together.

Superlight Lithium-Sulfur Battery In Fully Electric Aircraft, Powers A 230-Mile Range

A super-dense Lithium-Sulfur (Li-S) battery has been developed to power, fully electric aircraft by British company Oxis Energy for the Texas Aircraft Manufacturing company. It is said that the novel battery powers the aircraft to boost its mile range for up to 230 miles.

The Future Of Firefighting Is Already Here

A fast responding firefighting drone has been developed by the leading autonomous aerial vehicle technology (AAV) platform...

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