Friday, September 18, 2020
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Breakthrough In Quantum Internet Is A No No To Hackers

Scientists from the University of Bristol have made a breakthrough in next-generation Quantum communication networking among multiple users that is ironclad against hackers.

A New State Of Matter May Consume Half Of Earth’s Mass...

A very interesting study has been published in the AIP Advances stating that, information bits have a mass and with the speed of its accumulation, by 2245, the total mass of information would be equal to half of the earth’s mass.

Pocket-Sized Particle Accelerator Drives Electrons Near Speed Of Light

Scientists have created a compact version of a particle accelerator, which can beam electrons with 1000 times more charge at 99.99% of the speed of light. This projects ultrashort electron beams with the use of laser rays to create terahertz frequency (THz) pulses of light.

Non-Magnetic Material Turns Into A Magnetic One – A World’s First!

The breakthrough resulted from a study conducted by the engineers at the University of Minnesota. They were able to electrically transform an entirely non-magnetic material into a magnetic one successfully. This is the first time in the world anyone succeeded in doing so!

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