Thursday, November 26, 2020
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Groundbreaking Study On Carbon Creation Rewrites Astrophysics

A team of physicists from Australia and Norway has proved that stars create carbon much faster than previously thought, making it question the very basis of astrophysics. They found out that stars create carbon 34% faster than previously thought, a major change to what was known as common knowledge that did not change for nearly 4 decades!

Clean Power From Graphene Without A Limit

A team of scientists have built a circuit that converts graphenes thermal motion to harness limitless clean energy. The study proves an idea that generated a few years ago, which suggested that graphene being a single layer of carbon atoms may have the ability to generate power.

Breakthrough In Quantum Internet Is A No No To Hackers

Scientists from the University of Bristol have made a breakthrough in next-generation Quantum communication networking among multiple users that is ironclad against hackers.

A New State Of Matter May Consume Half Of Earth’s Mass...

A very interesting study has been published in the AIP Advances stating that, information bits have a mass and with the speed of its accumulation, by 2245, the total mass of information would be equal to half of the earth’s mass.

Pocket-Sized Particle Accelerator Drives Electrons Near Speed Of Light

Scientists have created a compact version of a particle accelerator, which can beam electrons with 1000 times more charge at 99.99% of the speed of light. This projects ultrashort electron beams with the use of laser rays to create terahertz frequency (THz) pulses of light.

Non-Magnetic Material Turns Into A Magnetic One – A World’s First!

The breakthrough resulted from a study conducted by the engineers at the University of Minnesota. They were able to electrically transform an entirely non-magnetic material into a magnetic one successfully. This is the first time in the world anyone succeeded in doing so!

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