Friday, September 18, 2020
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Evidence To Prove Early Hominins Boiled Their Food In Hot Springs

Anthropologists have discovered a 1.8 million years old early hominin settlement in Olduvai Gorge in northern Tanzania with some interesting evidence. The place has enough proof to say that some of our early ancestors settled and hunted there.

Micro & Nano plastics Are Now In Human Tissues

Researchers at Arizona State University have found micro and nano plastic particles inside human tissues. Alarming as it sounds, the health consequences from these undegradable particles are still unknown. Their findings are scheduled to be released today on a press conference at American Chemical Society (ACS) Fall 2020 Virtual Meeting & Expo.

Greenland Melting Ice Is Not Coming Back

According to a study published in the journal Communications Earth and Environment, scientists say that the melting ice sheet in Greenland has “passed in point of return” now. Earlier this year NASA reported that Greenland is melting 6 times faster than it was in the 90s thanks to climate change.

A Manhattan Size Chunk Has Just Broken Off From Canada’s Last...

The 4000 years old, last intact Ice Shelf in Canada named Milne has broken up. It lost almost half of its size setting a massive ~79 km2 ice island and another massive piece of iceberg free-floating into the arctic sea.

The polar bears will be long gone by the end of...

The last few decades have seen more animals disappear at an alarming rate than ever! With the rapid change of the climate and environment, these animals face two options either to adapt drastically or face the extinction.

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