Amphibian Boat with Retractable Tank Treads

amphibious boat

At $290,000 a unit these amphibian boats give practical performance & class over their predecessors. With retractable tank treads & splendid shiny design not compromised at up to 40 Knots on the water and 5 Mph on land. As name given Iguana 29, a 29-foot beast is a product of Iguana Yachts. Iguana 29 is capable of transit between water to land based ride freely with next to nothing transition time. Whether you have sand, mud, shingles or going up hill on the approaching shore it can cruise with ease.

Iguana 29 can comfortably accommodate 20 passengers & cater emergency or water locked locations where stationary docks are not available. Their planned hybrid version can carry more passengers & powered with less noisy electric engines.

Information Source:  Iguana Yachts