A New Surface Coating Kills Germs And Prevents Future Contaminations

The durable coating covers hard surfaces & eliminates Food-borne Germs
Stock Photo credit:  Cottonbro / Pexels.com

This revolutionary discovery has the ability to eliminate foodborne germs like Salmonella and E.coli. Although preventable foodborne diseases can be dangerous and common. Handling contaminated food can spread foodborne pathogens and this can also cross-contaminate any other food or person that comes in contact with it. Even with routine cleanup, food processing surfaces like commonly used stainless steel worktops are always susceptible to these situations. That is why the food processing industry will massively benefit from this durable coating made with Titanium Oxide that prevents cross-contamination on hard surfaces regularly in contact with food. 

Chemical engineers and Food scientists from the University of Missouri are the brains behind this. According to their study published in the Journal ScienceDirect, this photocatalytic coating made from Titanium Oxide can be applied to standard stainless-steel food contact surfaces (FCS). And it is way ahead of its more conventional counterparts by being durable and mechanically resistant to daily wear and tear in a food processing environment!

How does it work?

Titanium Oxide (TiO2) is a known disinfectant agent which is also safe with food. And the new layer works by releasing Reactive Oxidative Species (ROS), resulted by the photocatalytic activity that happens when the coating comes into contact with water, Oxygen and Ultraviolet (UV) light. These released ROS actively kill microorganisms. Although the coating is a liquid when applied, it gradually hardens like a very thin ceramic layer. On top of the routine surface cleaning, this new coating gives it a guarantee of prevention from future contaminations. Their aim is to further improve this to eliminate and prevent harmful viruses like the coronavirus in a food processing environment. What more to ask! In this age and time, these kinds of efforts and products are a necessity!