Tsunami Survival Capsule

“Noah” is the Japan’s answer to earthquakes & tsunamis, a genius product from a relatively small Japanese company called “Cosmo Power” in Hiratsuka, Kanagawa. It not only can save lives if crushed by collapsing buildings or buried under rubbles, but also can float on water on tsunami or flood situation.

Tsunami Survival CapsuleNoah is built with Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP), it’smaller version weighing around 70Kg & can facilitate around four adults and just 1.2 Meters in diameter Features porthole, air vents. Because of it’s unique spherical shape, Noah is resilient to impacts and landslides & it’s bright yellow skin gives high visibility in rescue missions. They are currently developing a larger version of the capsule which can facilitate twelve adults.

Prices are starting from $18,000 onwards & however if you need one you might have to wait in a order que, as they becoming number one survival gadget choice in Japan’s earthquakes & tsunami prone areas.

Information Source: Newcosmopower.com