The polar bears will be long gone by the end of the Century

Polar Bears’ hunting grounds are diminishing rapidly
Photo Credit: Robert Anthony Carbone /

The last few decades have seen more animals disappear at an alarming rate than ever! With the rapid change of the climate and environment, these animals face two options either to adapt drastically or face the extinction. Talking about Polar Bears, they are left with a little choice than any other species in nature. With one million years of their evolutionary history, there are only about 25,000 of these mighty hunters.

According to a study published in Nature Journal, Climate Change will see majority of the Polar Bears starve to extinction by 2100. This includes 12 of the 13 Polar Bear sub-populations. The countdown has already begun in vast areas with shrinking sea ice, leaving the Polar Bears with minimum to no hunting grounds! Their already weak and shrinking bodies will not be able to survive winters without food! It will be impossible for these apex hunters to adapt and survive any other way! 

As an example, an average West Hudson Bay male Polar Bear would have enough energy to survive 125 days in a fasting season. They would not survive if this fasting period gets any longer! The Bear cubs are at greater risk of starving if their mothers were to starve!

Their main homeland in the Arctic region is melting twice faster than the rest of the world. Taking these drastic changes into account, the study has estimated that the Polar Bears (Ursus maritimus) will be extinct in 80 years time! Even the birthrate of new cubs will be severely affected in most of these areas! The only prevention would be to place aggressively cut Greenhouse Gas emissions worldwide. Even that would only slow their imminent end!