Friday, September 18, 2020
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Coronavirus – The Oxford Vaccine triggers promising immune response against SARS-CoV-2

The coronavirus vaccine trial run by the University of Oxford has raised hopes, as it shows results of neutralising antibody development against SARS-CoV-2. According to the report published on The Lancet today, the trial which involved 1077 participants indicates that the new Vaccine is safe and has developed SARS-CoV-2 neutralising antibodies and T-cells effectively!

Cancer Cure Hope From Mollusk Blood

Cancer Vaccine is a good news for humankind & Stellar Biotechnologies a California based company leading the way to achieve that goal in near...

The Accidental Birth Of A Bizarre Hybrid Fish – The first...

A group of scientists in Hungary accidentally procreated two totally different endangered fish species which resulted in the birth of a never-seen-before fish!

Molecule Regrows Hair On Bald Patches

According to a study published in the Science Advances, There is a special miRNA molecule that regulates the regeneration of hair growth. And this gives hopes for an effective short cut for a hair growth treatment.

1000yr Old Remedy Kills Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria In The Lab

A group of British scientists from the University of Warwick were able to revive a 1000-year-old medieval remedy successfully. Moreover, they were able to use this recipe called, ‘Bald’s eyesalve’ as a successful treatment to kill antibiotic-resistant bacterial colonies without any side effects to healthy cells.

Alzheimer’s Memory Loss Reversed By Gene Therapy

Australian scientists made a breakthrough in the race to treat and cure Alzheimer’s disease. They were able to do a world’s first gene therapy to reverse the memory loss connected with advanced Alzheimer’s in mice.

Infertile Animals Turned Into Fertile Surrogate Fathers – A World’s First!

Using novel gene-editing techniques, a team of scientists successfully turned infertile livestock into carrying fertile sperms of other animals in the same species by becoming, ‘surrogate sires’. In their study sterile mice, pigs, goats and cattle were made to produce sperm that has only the donor’s genetic traits.

DNA From Blood To Estimate Age

The researchers in Erasmus University Medical Centre  researchers in Netherlands are pioneering a method to estimate the age of the person just by a...

Natural Metabolite Makes Old Age More Healthier Giving Hope For Longer...

A recent study has shown promising results in anti-ageing and in increasing the healthspan of mice. Researchers from the Buck Institute for research on aging in the USA have discovered that a natural metabolite called, alpha-ketoglutarate (AKG) is capable of decreasing the morbidity rate in older mice and making them healthier in their late life.

Nanowire Mask Actively Kills Pathogens & Reusable Up to 1000 Times

A reusable mask which has a filter paper made from Titanium oxide nanowire has been proven to trap and kill pathogens that may also be used against SARS-CoV-2 and EBOLA. Once used, this mask can be disinfected under ultraviolet (UV) light. EPFL laboratory led the research.

Joint Cartilages Regrown

Scientists from the Stanford University made a breakthrough in regenerating cartilages in the joints, by navigating skeletal stem cells. The study is now published in the journal, Nature Medicine and it is a followup research on skeletal stem cells from the same University.

World’s First Lab-Grown Functioning Mini Human Heart

A miniature model of a human heart has been grown for the first time in a laboratory setting. Scientists from the Michigan State University achieved this milestone. This mini heart has the vascular tissue and all primary heart cell types with a functioning chamber structure.

Scientists Found The Culprit Causing Rare Liver Cancer

A team of scientists found a certain molecule in our cells behaving abnormally in growing tumours that cause a rare liver cancer called, “Fibrolamellar carcinoma (FLC)”. This molecule is called “cyclic AMP” usually acting as a second messenger on glycogen around the liver.

Highly Efficient Diabetic Treatment By Binding 2 Drugs

A team of scientists from Duke University made a breakthrough in ‘combination drug therapy’ for type 2 diabetes. They tethered two existing, type 2 diabetic treatments into one molecule which slowly releases in the body that works better than the two drugs.

Some Of Us Carry DNA From An Unknown Ancestor

This mind-boggling revelation came to light with a novel analysis of ancient human genomes. The study suggests that ancient hominins from different branches in evolutional history may have interbred several times in the history and that some of us carry DNA of an unidentified ancestor.

This Strange Rare Animal Is Like No Other On The Planet

The genome sequencing of a rare nocturnal animal (Sphenodon punctatus) only found in New Zealand has amazed scientists. The genomic results have placed it as neither a reptile, a mammal nor a bird but a combination of all! Its genomic architecture is so uncommon, similar to no other previously recorded.

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