Friday, September 18, 2020
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Airborne Wind Turbine

Flying power station? Engineers at Makani Power achieved just that, by designing their "Wing 7" prototype which generate 20 Kw (Kilowatt) just by flying...

Transparent Solar Panels

Skyscrapers with windows as high efficient power sources is becoming a reality with the latest discovery by a group of researchers. Their novel, colour neutral, semi-transparent photovoltaic solar panels have a higher efficiency than other transparent options available.

Seawater Turned Drinkable In Under 30 Minutes

A team of global scientists led by the Monash University made a breakthrough turning seawater and brackish water into drinkable clean water using sunlight and a specialised metal-organic framework (MOF). This energy-efficient and cost-effective method will see millions and millions of people gaining access to clean drinking water.

X-ray Microscopic Technique Can Image Individual Nerves

Imaging the very complex web of nerves in the brain has been made possible by a team of scientists at Harvard Medical School. The new technique is called, “X-ray holographic nano-tomography (XNH)” and can map neural circuits in high-resolution imaging.

Exoskeleton – The Iron Man Robotic Suit

It's not a science fiction anymore, as sporting in the movie  'Iron Man' now the robotic suite 'Exoskeleton' is a reality. Raytheon Sarcos, the...

World’s First Wireless Electric Power Transmission – New Zealand

Copper wires for electric power transmitting might be a thing in the past as New Zealand prepares to trial ‘Wireless Power transmission’ over long distances. Such a practice will be a world’s first.

Paint On Solar Cell – Solar Paint

Harvesting solar energy just by applying a paint coat on a conductive surface? This may be the answer to the high cost energy bills, I think at least a step towards right direction. A group of researchers at the University of Notre Dame have developed a so-called "solar paint" by using semiconducting nanoparticles to harvest energy.

New Solar Panels Have Minimum Carbon Footprint

Scientists are upgrading the conventional silicon-based solar cells to more environment-friendly Perovskite-based cells, also known as Calcium titanium oxide. Not only this new conversion works faster than the silicon-based solar panels, but its carbon footprint is also considerably low.

Solar Energy The Knight In Shining Armour!

Solar energy is redefining its value in ways the world has never seen before. From Solar panels that work at night, to seethrough solar panes in our smartphones, Solar energy is shining above all other clean energy contenders.

Nano Surgeons

In the very near future it will be possible to perform a surgical procedures perhaps taking body tissue samples,  installing medical devices or delivering...

Clean and Cheap Energy From Sea Waves

The most innovative addition to sea wave energy harvesting industry, is a planned project by Fraunhofer Center for Manufacturing Innovation in Boston, MA. The concept...

Intelligent Humanoid Robot

Remember the "Terminator" movie? Intelligent humanoid robot who trying to save the human race from an apocalyptic event. This robot is not quite advanced...

Android Smartphones Now Detect Earthquakes And Alert People

Google has developed a smart way to detect earthquakes and alert smartphone users on android. Google hopes this would be a much-needed function globally, as building public infrastructures to detect earthquakes can be costly.

Futuristic Transparent TV From Xiaomi

The Chinese tech company Xiaomi has unveiled its latest transparent TV experience, the Mi TV LUX Transparent Edition as part of their 10th anniversary. This will be the world’s first commercially available mass-produced transparent TV version for a price of RMB 49,999 (about £5500).

Smallest Battery Built in a Nanowire

A research team led by Professor Pulickel Ajayan at Rice University Houston, Texas has build a complete lithium ion energy storage unit into single...

Charge 0-50% In Just 5 Minutes With Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 5

The leading American technology for fast-charging solutions on smart devices has launched their latest,’The fastest commercial charging technology - Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 5’.

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