Sunday, November 29, 2020
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Theia – The Handheld Robotic Guide Dog

‘Thea’ is an upcoming technology that will mimic the service of a guide dog but in the form of a handheld robot. Anthony Camu is the mastermind behind this design who is an Industrial Design student at Loughborough University.

Ornithopter – The New Generation Bird-Like Drone

Designed by the research scientists at the National University of Singapore, this novel drone gets its name from the Greek ornitho, meaning the birds. The team believes the Ornithopter’s biological accuracy makes it greater than a ‘traditional quadcopter drone’.

RoBeetle, 0.088g With Artificial Muscles Has No Batteries

There is a new Beetle-type robot called, “RoBeetle” weighing only 88mg, that uses an artificial muscle technique to move. Its methanol powered fuel tank allows it to move for 2 hours straight. The brain behind RoBeetle is a group of scientists from the University of Southern California.

Testing Blood Sugar Won’t Be Painful Anymore

A team of scientists from the University of Tokyo has developed a biodegradable paper patch that has microneedles to painlessly diagnose abnormal blood glucose levels in conditions such as prediabetes.

Nano Diamond Batteries From Nuclear Waste Lasts Thousands Of Years

An American Company has converted nuclear waste into an efficient battery called, ‘Nanodiamond Battery’ that can last for up to an impressive 28,000years. Imagine a mobile phone that does not need charging for up to 9 years or a pacemaker that can run smoothly for up to 28,000 years. That is what their revolutionary Nanodiamond battery technology is capable of!

The Particle Robot – An efficient cluster of simple robotic units

A group of simple disc-shaped robots, called ‘The Particle Robot’ that can push and pull one another while moving around, carrying objects and....

The 7 Most Badass Microbots Evermade

There is a robotic revolution underway and unfortunately, we are somewhat distracted to witness it. From microbot swarms that could shapeshift and organise themselves to do various tasks, deliver drugs in our bodies, identify cancers, destroy tumours, these are the kinds of stuff that dreams are made of. And all these have been a possibility thanks to the latest advances in nanotechnology, research in computing and mechanics.

Electronic Contact Lenses

A research team at University of Washington has developed a electronic contact lens which can display a one pixel as it wearing. These contact...

World’s Smallest Ultrasound Detector With Super-Resolution Imaging

A team of scientists have developed the world’s smallest ultrasound detector which is about one-hundredth of a human hair strand. It is built upon a silicon chip that has mini photonics circuits on the top. And this micro gadget can also get super-high-resolution images in the smallest scale which was thought to be impossible before.

Robot Bioprint Cells Treating Gastric Ulcers From Within

Scientists from China have created a microbot that can bioprint cells and repair gastric ulcers from inside the body. This novel method of tissue repairing is called the ‘in situ in vivo bioprinting’. Their success is believed to be a big step forward in the novel field of bioprinting.

Wireless Device Photosynthesise & Makes Clean Fuel Out Of Thin Air

Scientists from the University of Cambridge have created a simple device that converts sunlight, carbon dioxide (Co2) and water into carbon-free energy without the help of any additional electricity or components. It is said that the device works as an artificial photosynthesiser resulting in Oxygen (O2) and formic acid, a storable fuel that can be used by itself or can be converted to hydrogen (H2).

MIT develops a Dream Manipulating Device

Although we spent a third of our lives sleeping, technology is still making its move to interfere with our sleep or dreams. But now ‘dream controlling’ is becoming a science, where it tries to engineer information obtained during sleeping. Although this sounds like science fiction, neuroscientists from MIT have already developed a device with such a technology. They named it the ‘Dormio’.

Doctors Could Use The Medical Robotic Hand With A Smart Skin...

Accurately diagnosing and treating patients who are halfway around the world is going to be an easy task with the latest Medical robotic hand that has special skin. A team of researchers has made this possible with a new generation robotic hand that has smart electronic skin.

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