Intelligent Humanoid Robot

Remember the “Terminator” movie? Intelligent humanoid robot who trying to save the human race from an apocalyptic event. This robot is not quite advanced as the one in the movie however it’s capable of think, learn, making decision & taking own action by using artificial intelligence. This is a pioneering development at the Tokyo Institute of Technology by Hasegawa Group.

As a completely new tasks, when request for a glass of water, this robot knows how to pour a water to a glass from a water bottle. Also when requests for cool water, it pause & make a decision to put down the empty bottle then pick up an ice cube and put in to the glass. See the video below.

SOINN robot not only collect knowledge from visual, auditory, and tactile data but also from the internet and other robots experiences. This limitless information gathering capability helps evolve it to intelligent robots.

Intelligent Humanoid Robot

According to researchers “For example, suppose this robot doesn’t know how to make tea, and it’s sent to an elderly person who lives alone. And suppose that person asks it to make a cup of green tea. The robot doesn’t know how, so it asks robots around the world how to make tea. Suppose, for example, that a robot in the UK tells it how to make British-style tea. We think this robot will become able to transfer that knowledge to its immediate situation, and make green tea using a Japanese teapot.”

Although this far from science fiction fantasies, it’s a promising step towards the future.

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